Haxorus54 is not a good user or a bad one, she used to be a good user, but turned into a neutral ever since her cyber boyfriend, GiratinaVGCP, made a video called "Attention People Of Go!animate!"


Friends: Giratinarocks2001, Tigrus879, Godzilla95, godzilla2014kaiju, bulbasaurlover8000, The jetpack guy 26, many more!

Enemies: Everyone who hates her and her friends

She accidentally got her old account deleted, but the same day she left, she used her other account, MewMew26, to come back, she uses chat bubbles due to her speakers overheating and blowing up.


She has been using other websites such as facebook, youtube, and many more, she was not really into computer, until her sister, Umbreon Fabulous, discovered GoAnimate, without her sister, she would have never made all of these friends on the internet. Now she is really into computer, getting on it all day, every day.



Giratinarocks2001, aka Zach, is her best friend out of anyone ever.


Again, without Umbreon Fabulous, Haxorus would have never met him and everything would have been different. Haxorus always features him in her videos. He FREAKED when she left GoAnimate, proving that he cares for Haxorus. His Youtube account is called "Captain Giratina". Nothing else said for this paragraph.

Info (Not Too Much)

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 23, 2003

Age: 13

Likes: Food, Cats, Dogs, Snakes, GoAnimate, ToonDoo, Pokémon, Minecraft, Computer, Xbox 360, PS4, many more

Dislikes: Vegetables, Peanut Butter, many more

The End

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