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That's Herobrine sitting there to creep out people

Herobrine is a pretty creepy character that is actually a creepypasta from minecraft! He gets removed in every beginning update! (Example updates: 1.3.1, 1.4.2, 1.6.1, etc.) However, he always tries to scare people!


Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: ???

Voice: Scary Voice

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Best friend: Enderman


That's how Herobrine actually appears


In the second part of YankieDude5000's "The End Of GoAnimate States (MY LAST GOANIMATE VIDEO)" video, Herobrine along with others like VideoGameNerd1000, Caillou, Boris (Caillou's dad), Starscream, Vicky and the impostor of Calebcomedian stand outside waiting for the angry HTML5 moon to land on the GoAnimate world. The moon crushes the statue of Alvin Hung and the explosion appears, erasing Herobrine and all of the victims from their existence.