Hotel OJ is from Inanimate Insanity 2. It's owner is OJ.

Characters in it

  • OJ
  • Bomb
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Pickle
  • Paper


One day, after Fat Jelly Destroyed Hotel OJ it was up for refurbishment. All the people in it were injured. Good thing Fat Jelly got grounded for it! The refurbishment took 40 hours to finish. That's why Fat Jelly is grounded for life!

Not Allowed In

Because Fat Jelly destroyed Hotel OJ, they made a list of people that are not allowed. Here they are:

  • Fat Jelly
  • Evil Leafy
  • Nixels
  • Major Nixel
  • Bad Users
  • Evil Green ProDuctions
  • Dojidax


It's at Lake HooHaw, near Chuck E. Cheese. It's real location is Florida. It has lots of luxury, as shown in the picture. It's near Disney World. It's part of Downtown Disney.

Pepper in Hotel OJ


  • OJ
  • PaperPizza
  • Sophie the Otter
  • Davidtheanimationguy
  • Igor the Mii
  • Green ProDuctions

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