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TheColossalD's Pumpky

Hungry Pumpkin as he appears in Dave and Larry Suck at Hungry Pumpkin.


"No! I don't want that!"

Hungry Pumpkin is a pumpkin. He demands you to give him any food. In the game he is from, if you give him the wrong food, he throws it at the wall. After you feed him, he leaves without paying. He even eats cups, salt, pepper, full sticks of butter, and a soda can. He is from an infamous kid's Flash game.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Eating, food, etc.



He appeared in Fat Jelly works at McDonald's and gets fired

Dave and Larry Suck at Hungry Pumpkin

Judy Moody Kills The Hungry Pumpkin and Gets Grounded

Voice: Young Guy/Kidaroo (Microsoft Mike In GPD's)


"Give me the (Food Name)!"

"I'm very hungry"

"You know, that wasn't too bad!"

"No! I don't want that!"

"This was terrible! I'm never coming back here!"

"That was fantastic! I'll be back in 10 minutes!"

"Om nom nom nom"


  • Don't be silly. Cannibalism is only when one eats a member of one's own species.

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