[MiiProdutctions Logo Presents, Igor, Sophie and Others in: The Great Universe Colilson!]

[Cut to Igor's House, Igor, Sophie and Shauna are Watching Slugterra.]

Igor: "I Like this Show!"

[the TV Freezes.]

Sophie: "Don't Tell That's the..."

[a M.P.S (Mii Protection Service) Warning Appears on the TV. the narrator reads it.]

M.P.S Guy: "Alert, A Earthquake is going to happen on 5 minutes, please pack your stuff and move somewhere safer."

Igor: "Oh Noes!"

Shauna: "A noodle dance is needed?"

Sophie: "No Way! it's a emegency!"

(the characters pack their stuff, and get in the ford explorer with PaperPizza)

PaperPizza: "We gotta hurry!"

Igor: "Do we know how to even drive in earthquakes?"

(the earthquake hits, and they manage to survive by flying the car)

PaperPizza: "What the heck, why didn't I see the airbag?"

(the car falls into Albuquerque)

Sophie: "..."

Shauna: "Where are we?"

???: "You are in Albuquerque"

PaperPizza: WHO SAID THAT?!?

Announcer: "I did. I am announcer from BFDI. I need to tell you that Dora, Caillou, Barney, Bear, and Bob the Builder are planning on releasing a collosal meteor"

Sophie: "Where are they?"

Mighty Eagle: "Hi, I'm the mighty eagle, i'll give you 5 a ride to a place that's close to their lair

(mighty eagle teleports them to an area that's close to their lair)

Announcer: "We are 15 miles away from their lair"

All: "WHAT?"

Announcer: "That is 1 hour away"


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