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Igor and Sophie Turns The Peppa Pig family into bacon

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This video, involving a fictional character or more as the troublemaker(s), has been created for entertainment purposes only.

Created by Igor0the0mii2 and PB&Jotterisnumber1


Igor was hungry, then he got the idea of turning peppa pig and her family into bacon. Sophie decided to help Igor. but Bobbyispoopy found out and tried to stop them but however, igor killed bobbyispoopy.


Paul as Igor the Mii

Kayla as Sophie the Otter

Ivy as Peppa Pig

Brian as Bobbyispoopy


[We see Igor and Sophie in Igor's house]

[Igor's stomach growls]

Sophie: "Igor, I hear your stomach growling. Are you hungry?"

Igor: "Yeah."

Sophie: "What are you in the mood for anyway?"

Igor: "I know! Bacon! In fact, let's kill some pigs, like Peppa's family!"

Sophie: "That's the way to use your noodle, Igor. Come on, jump into my floating bubble and we will go to Peppa's house in no time!"

Igor: "OK!"

[A bubble appears and the two jump inside it and float all the way to Peppa's house]

[The bubble pops near the door]

Igor: "Be quiet."

[The two quietly open the door]

[In the Pig Family kitchen]

Peppa: "Mommy, I hear some people walking in."

Peppa's Mom: "Let me Check."

[Peppa's Mom walks into Igor and Sophie, just to find that They will turn her and her family into bacon]

Peppa's Mom: "Run! They want us to turn us into bacon--" [zapped by Igor]

Peppa: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help!" [zapped by Sophie]

George: (cries) "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" [zapped by Igor]

Peppa's Dad: "Yikes! Get away!" [zapped by Sophie]

Igor: "Zapping Pigs is SO FUNKING FUN!" 

Sophie: "Now to---"

[Bobbyispoopy comes]

Bobbyispoopy: "Hey! STOP!"

Igor: "Nope!" [punches Bobbyispoopy 200 times]

[Sophie the Otter smacks Bobbyispoopy out of the house with her tail]

Igor: "Home run!"

Sophie: "Now that there are no troublemakers around, let's go back to your house and eat the bacon in peace, right Igor?"

Igor: "Sure! I can't wait to eat bacon!"

[Sophie the Otter creates a bubble, traps herself and Igor inside, and float back to Igor's house]

[The bubble pops in Igor's kitchen]

[The two sit down on the table with the bacon]

Igor: "Dig in, Sophie!"

[The two eat the bacon on their plates]

[After they are finished eating]

Igor: (burps with hands covering mouth) "That was good, wasn't it?"

Sophie: "Yep. Care for some dessert?"

Igor: "I don't know. Maybe."

[The end]


This was Refenced on Igor, Sophie and Others In: Burning the Pig.

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