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' (Born July 2, 1999, in Woodbury, NJ) is an American R&B, pop, and hip hop recording artist, songwriter, dancer, YouTube personality, scientist, student. Lecato lives in New Jersey, he begans to sing and rap with his own music, he's sings with some 2000's R&B and soul beats just like the other female R&B singers such as, Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Ashanti, and Rihanna. He is also a reggae and dancehall head because he is a bit Afro-Caribbean. Electronica is a type of techno, but Lecato's electronica confuses with electronic dance genres such as, electro house, EDM, and synthpop. Most of the day, Lecato listens to pop music, which is his first and favorite music that he sings, is dance pop music. Lecato is also a pop singer and pop rapper, he sings and raps dance songs, electronic songs, and pop songs. A song that Lecato haven't heard a little is a classical music, he will plan his own fewer classical songs on his other albums. Lecato will appear to GoAnimate later on until his mom comes home, he is also a good user, he laughs all of the GoAnimate videos.


Born: July 2, 1999

Age: 18

Voice: Himself(formerly Young Guy)

Nationally: American (He is half Puerto Rican but Afro Caribbean)

Genre: R&B, Pop, Reggae, Dancehall, Hip hop, Soul, Classical, Electronica

Occupations: Singer-songwriter, Dancer, Rapper, YouTube personality, Student, Scientist

Instruments: Vocals, Tambourine

Friends: Everybody(except Enemies)

Enemies: Everybody(except Friends)

Likes: Science, Video Games, Singing, Rapping, Listening to Nicki Minaj or Rihanna, Computers, All TV Shows, Super Mario Bros., Laughing.

Dislike: Getting Cursed Out, Cursing, People Being Mad At Him, Getting Yelled, Being Scared, A Musician When He or She Cursing When Performing His Own Songs.

Jason Lecato(Brother)

Feliscia Perez(Mother)

Helen Perez(Grandmother)

Aliyah Wallace(Niece)

Davon Wallace(Nephew)

Jello Wallace(Step-nephew)

Jeff Waters(Step-father)

Moe Wallace(Older Brother)

Lecato's alter egos

Jeremia and his alter egos

Jeremia and his alter egos

Jeremia Lewinsky - Location: Camden, New Jersey

Genre: Hip hop

Jeremia The Ninja - Location: Tokyo, Japan

Genre: Hip hop, J Pop, R&B

Jeremia The Boss - Location: Camden, New Jersey

Genre: Hip hop, R&B

The Male Harajuku Barbie - Location: Camden, New Jersey

Genre: Hip hop, Pop, Dance pop, Synthpop, Electronica

Maria Zowanski - Location: Constanța, Romania

Genre: Hip hop, Pop, Classical

Roman Zowanski - Location: Constanța, Romania

Genre: Hip hop, Pop, Dance, Classical, Electronica

Lil' Tyrone - Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Genre: Hip hop, Pop, Freestyle, Dance

Shron The Blanket Man - Location: Middle East

Genre: Hindi Hip hop, Pop, Rock

Jeremia Teresa - Location: Deptford, New Jersey

Genre: Hip hop, Dance, R&B

Male Poindexter - Location: Unknown

Genre: Comedy Hip hop, Electro, Pop

Natasha - Location: New York, NY

Genre: Hip hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Dance

Young Male Weezy - Location: Camden, New Jersey

Genre: Hip hop, Dancehall

Adrianna Reyes - Location: Latin America

Genre: Latin Hip hop, Pop rap, Dancehall

Salsa Dance Niko - Location: Unknown

Genre: Latin Hip hop, Salsa, Pop rap, Tropical, Dancehall

Jeremia's Discography

Studio Albums

  • Music of the Sun (2015)
  • Music of Pink City (2015)
  • Music of Snow Days (2015)
  • ???? (2016)
  • ???? (2016)
  • ???? (202?)
  • ???? (202?)

Greatest Hits

  • The Greatest Hits of Jeremia's Caribbean Influence (2015)
  • The Greatest Hits of Jeremia's Teen Life (202?)
  • The Greatest Hits of Jeremia's Adult Life (202?)

Extended Plays

  • Green Friday (2015)
  • The Invasion of the Koopas (2019)

Reissue Studio Albums

  • Music of Pink City: The Urban Reloaded (2015)

Video Games


Super : Roman's Revenge