Joshua is a Character, who come from Uptown. He's the childhood friend and roommate of Karen, and brother of Patricia. He used to be troublemaker since he was young for hitting Patricia. but Joshua is not a troublemaker anymore, he is rarely mentioned in all of the videos that have been released so far.


Name: Joshua

Real Name: Patricl Mills

Birthday: August 12th, 1988

Age: 26

Voice: Eric(for other users), David(teenager), young guy(tween)Emma(child) Kimberly(kindergarten/ toddler), ivy(baby)

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: Light

Family: Unnamed Mother (Voice: Kate or Allison)

Unnamed Father (Voice: Diesel or Simon)

Patricia (Younger sister) (Voice: Kimberly or Kayla)

Karen(roommate/friend) (Voice. Julie or Princess)

School: College

Girlfriend: None (Karen is not a girlfriend)

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