Joyce Dike
Joyce Profile

Alternative names

Sarah, Jamie (stage name)

Voiced by (GoAnimate)

TSS Voice Amy, Julie (in Couldne's videos), Susan (In Amy Roll's Videos)


Matt, Jane, Angelina Galushkina from All Grown Up, TheVigilantRaptor


GrandChase RealCook, Beda (deceased), sircreeper


Going on adventures, random stuff


Getting into trouble and gets grounded along with Jane




Bennett (father), Jodie Rosie (mother) (deceased), Jane (sister)

Voiced by (Cartoon Series)

Dolores Rogers

Joyce is a Cartoon Classics and Business Friendly character. She is known for her rebellious attitude.

She appears on several videos, Joyce and Jane gets grounded. However, it turns out that GrandChase RealCook was scheming behind for their grounded series.

Joyce is Bennett's daughter and Jane's sister.


She has sea green hair in pigtails, pale skin and blue eyes. She wears a black dress, long sleeves with white and pink stripes under it, socks with white and pink stripes and black mary-janes. She also wears a purple bow and blue stud earrings.


  • Her customized name is also Sarah.
  • She plays the saxophone.
  • She looks similar to Mandy from the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Gaz from Invader Zim.

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