Karen is a Character who come from Uptown. Prior to turning 17, Karen was a troublemaker; but as of her 17th Birthday, she is no longer a troublemaker. Karen worked as a store clerk.

About Karen

Karen is a young woman who come from Uptown. She's moved to GoAnimate City. However, she often gets upset when Troublemakers make fun of her or things upset her. Karen also has a job at a unknown store and she work as a store clerk.



Karenin her formal wear

Karen in her formal wear

Karenin her Pajamas wear

Karen in her pajamas wear

Karen in her winter wear

Karen in her winter wear


Name: Karen

Real Name: Mildred "Karen" Sample

Birthday: June 29th, 1991

Age: 25

Voice: Adult female 1/Callie(for other users),Jennifer(teenager)Tween girl(tween)ivy(child)Shy girl(kindergarten/ toddler), ivy(baby)

Hair color: brown

Eye color: Hazel

Skin color: Tan but it was lighter in other user's videos

Family: Unnamed Mother(no longer mentioned all of videos after timeline. can be seen only on video tapes about her grounding Karen when she was young)

      Unnamed Father(no longer mentioned all of videos after timeline. can be seen only on video tapes about him grounding her when she was young)

     Aaliyah(mentioned on some of videos)          


School: College

Job: Store clerk


Karen wears green long sleeve shirt with dark green collar, beige pants, dark gray shoes with buckle on the front, dark gray beanie hat but turned black in other user's version, black glasses. in her sleep wear, she wears lavender shirt and green pants, gray slippers. in her formal wear, she wears white dress shirt and black flare pants, gray high heel boots. in winter outfit. she wears dark blue coat, light blue pants, white boots, white pink hat with poms poms. in her swim wear. she wears black
Karen in her swim wear

Karen in her swim wear

shirt and green shorts, white sandals

Physical Appearance

Karen have long brown hair and hazel eyes but either brown and yellow, freckles in her cheek. in her formal wear, she wears red lipstick and yellow eyeshadow, blush, pair of silver earrings, contact lenses. her hair tied to side ponytail.


Karen is her middle name.

Karen's real name is Mildred Sample.

She have pet cat named jean.

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