KaworuSakurada96 is a good Robloxian created by Kaworu Sakurada/Sakura592ts96 so his haters (haters like FinalJanekX) would leave him alone. He loves anime and he loves to swim, yet he is afraid of drowning in the water.


KaworuSakurada96's Roblox character!!!!!

KaworuSakurada96 swimsuit

KaworuSakurada96 in his swimsuit and with his Gravity Coil.

KaworuSakurada96's Roblox character Goanimate forms

KaworuSakurada96's Roblox character Goanimate forms. Normal and swim (without his lifejacket)!!!


Still Alive: yes (cant be Dead born like that)

Hero or Villain: Anti Hero (Villain when he got his first youtube accout)

Likes: School being 100

Dislikes: 18 year olds

Friends: Kopjen Raven Aug Bunny (not from Lonney Tunes) Foster Joy Zavio the Demon

Enemies: Blast Man

Age: 100 (Live a Long Time on Earth)

his Old Youtube accouts

1. RavenTheGamerGuilde99999999(Terminted by Zavio the Demon for Posting South Park Video Games)

2. RavenTheNickJrFan(Terminted by Zavio the Demon for Giving so many Dislikes)

3. RavenTheMLPFan (Terminted by Zavio the Demon for Liking Baby Shows)     

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