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Kevin Toon is a user who makes GoAnimate and Sony Vegas 12 videos.Scott Needle once lead a massive chase with Kevin chasing him down in 2014.

Voice: Joey

Age: 18

Born: December 1, 1998

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Valve games (mostly TF2 and GMOD),  good users, [adult swim], Cartoon Network, GoAnimate, grounded videos, some GoHaters when he respects their opinions, Skype, Transformers, Object Shows, Flash, videos out of baby show characters, Creepypastas, Angry German Kid episodes, Downfall parodies, and more good stuff.

Dislikes: videos out of good users, bad users, bad singers (mostly Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus), New Fred, his haters, the UTUBETROLLPOLICE, and other bad stuff.

His YouTube account got suspended because it was hacked. The good news is that he came back as Cool Spy.

He's no longer a GoAnimate user, because he hates GoAnimate now.

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