Kimberly is character who is from Mackenzie Series. she's mean girl at the school and acting rude and impolite towards Mackenzie and her friends even anyone. she always got send to the principal's office when she doing bad things such as picking on mackenzie and her friends, and occasionally seen getting grounded by her parents even her grandpa and older brother.



Name: Kimberly Stewart

Age: 12

Grade: 6th

Voice: Kimberly

Hair color: Orange

Eye color: Brown

Nationally: American

Hometown: United State

Family: Kelly(mother) voiced by kate       

Michael(father) voiced by Dallas

Chad(older brother) voiced by Joey

Lawrence(grandpa) voiced by Diesel

Boyfriend: None


Kimberly wears green shirt with dark green lines on the sleeves, blue pants, blackish gray shoes, or pink earring, she have orange ponytail that is up high with front that are right to her right temple. she has brown eyes.

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