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Kristin Konkle in Space
KK-iS Logo
Film information

Directed by



Colin K.

Produced by


Written by



Colin K

Jonarazzi Studios

Based on

Kristin Konkle: The Movie

Music by

Kevin MacLeod



Editing by

Colin K.


Jonarazzi Animation Studios

Whip Movies

GoAnimate Studios

Distributed by

WAN Films (USA)

Jonarazzi Animation Studios (Canada)

Release Date(s)

December 17, 2015 (YouTube)

Running time

47 minutes



Preceded by

Kristin Konkle 3: Battle of Toronto

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Kristin Konkle in Space (formerly known as Kristin Konkle 4: Heroes of Chicago) is the 4th and final film installment in the Kristin Konkle film series. It was released at 8:00 at night on December 17, 2015.


[Warning - There are spoilers in this section. If you haven't seen the movie, we highly recommend you watch the movie before you read this, or continue if you dare.]

The movie starts off where Kristin Konkle 3: Battle of Toronto is left off. Right before Brendan joins the crew, New Villain captures Incredible and Brendan as prisoners using an abandoned UFO that New Villain found after she was blasted into Space. As Kristin tries to figure out how to get to Space, a man named Eric Castleman helps her team by using a small spaceship that is small on the outside, and bigger on the inside. Later, Incredible and Brendan teleport out of New Villain's ship and escape, and PC Guy gets in a fight with New Villain. After the fight, Matt, Brendan's replacement, comes in and PC Guy tells him where Incredible and Brendan escaped to, and Matt tells the villains about his encounter with "The Demon Room", and New Villain teleports to Eric's ship, only to be thrown in the ship's jail by Oscar Lockhorn. Later, when Incredible and Brendan are being tracked down, the villain's ship loses power and crashes, but everybody in the ship teleport out in time. PC Guy teleports to Eric's ship, and is thrown in jail with New Villain, and the Magical Fairy Pumpkin crashes into the jail cell, where New Villain mocks her. Because of the mocking, MFP throws a voice changing rock, and her voice gets changed, and New Villain rages and gets in a fight with PC Guy, and during the fight, New Villain gets told she was a robot, and her self-destructing timer is turned on because of her rage. A few minutes before she explodes, Ccateni shoots down New Villain, but she doesn't break, and she gets to Localburg 45 seconds before she would explode. PC Guy turns into a good guy because of that, and jumps out of the ship and turns New Villain off before she explodes, but Ccateni shoots her down, and she gets flung into a prison. A week later, while Kristin gets interviewed on GNN News, PC Guy tells her that Matt and Zara arrived at the Blue Moon Galaxies, and Kristin says "Oh, here we go again.", and the movie's logo appears, and the movie ends.


In the movie's poster image, Jonas Pelikys [Jonarazzi Studios] is shown, even though Jonas wasn't featured in the movie.

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