Bandicam 2015-07-17 13-33-37-171

he saw balloon boy and jalloon joy getting in deadmeat

Bandicam 2015-07-17 13-34-03-698

he saw pingu getting grounded because of his stupid name

Bandicam 2015-07-17 13-35-53-029

he saw dora getting grounded for getting a kinder egg

Bandicam 2015-07-17 13-39-40-297

he saw percy getting jumpscared by the scary maze game face

Bandicam 2015-07-17 13-40-13-520

he saw caillou getting grounded for being rude to the viewers

kyle the goanimator is the creator of fnaf 1 / 2 the movie and he is making a james the red 
  • his christmas form
  • his old form
engine gets grounded series

bad users and the haters of kyle the goanimater : do not edit this page!

voice : brian , mic recording new look joey / young guy

age : 14

born : october 21st 2002

likes : Good Users (except DeviousDieselFan1999) ' My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 'good users 'swap force and trap team 'fnaf 2 'fnaf 1' mixels 'skylanders '

dislikes : bad users 'warren james cook , 'fetish videos

his trouble makers : jake , pingu , dora , caillou , purple man AKA purple guy  , mike the knight , tree fu tom  , skylanders villians , and the other trouble makers

enemys : warren james cook

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