Snapshot 1 (7-20-2014 7-20 PM)

Phillip Psareas and Nemo333m grounding Lorva, as seen in one of Tigrus879's videos

Lorva is an anthromorphic monster created by GoAnimator Phillip Psareas (a.k.a. AXBYesGCXDNo). As of July 2014, Phillip Psareas has only made one grounded video out of him whereas Tigrus879 has made multiple (approximately 5 videos). He's a troublemaker who has deliberately decided to join the UTUBETROLLPOLICE, just to anger his parents, and gets fat at McDonald's. He does it so frequently, he makes quite a few troublemakers look so well behaved.

Tigrus879's grounded series

Once Phillip Psareas published his 1st Lorva video, Tigrus879 quickly decided to publish Lorva videos of his own. He has confirmed that "Lorva gets grounded" will be his only grounded series.

As mentioned above, Tigrus879 has made 5 videos out of this troublemaker. Check them out:

File:Lorva Gets Grounded For Nothing (First Episode)

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