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Richelle/Rinoka (love interest?)

Lukmoo is a Spore user and one of TheVigilantRaptor's pen pals. On GoAnimate, he appears as an anime character.


Lukmoo's History in Spore

A Spore user who join Spore in 26 October 2011, at first, he seems to be not skilled at creating creations, he met with TheVigilantRaptor , somehow steal his creation. TheVigilantRaptor , however, was impressed of the first creation with captain outfitter. Later, Lukmoo start make his own Dinosaurs creation, until around late 2012, the first Spore series created by Lukmoo, DI or Dinosaur Infection, has been released, first it estimated to have 5 episodes, later expanded to 7 episodes and 1 expansion story, called DI-DE, it really related to TheVigilantRaptor's Vigilance Chronicles series, even some character feature there are created by him, though, it still quiet different in some way, in early 2014, DI-7 (episode 7) last chapter was successfully released, he estimated he no longer create more creations after he finished DI-DE. DI-DE, the last episode of DI has been released in 4/3/2015, he expected there's no more episode to be released.

Become Animator

In 2013, Lukmoo became an animator, known to make animations using a free 3D program MMD or MikuMikuDance, He started using MMD in late 2013. He plan that DI series will be a remake in MMD, using anime characters instead of dinosaurs, the series name "DI" will be change to FI (Fantasy Infection), MMD animation he made are his hobby, He still don't released official FI animation, only animation exist in internet that made by him now are parody and promotional video about his DI/FI character in anime form, unfortunately, Lukmoo not join GoAnimate. His mascot named Spiro, or other name, Shichirou (Spiro/Shichirou is also main character of his series DI/FI).


  • While Lukmoo himself not involve in GoAnimate, His pen pal TheVigilantRaptor feature him in some of his animation, mostly grounding video.
  • His personality are cheerful and funny person, but sometimes he's cold especially not in mood to talk, sometimes even got into outburst cause by extreme angry.
  • His GoAnimate counterpart and Spiro/Shichirou got same eye color, also got almost same theme of cloth's color.
  • He went inactive and silence in Spore, he's rarely respond or comment on anyone that's not his friend.
  • Lukmoo has been confirmed to retire from Spore, however, he still contact his Spore friend, play their adventure and check their creations, and even still commenting in Spore, however, he no longer create creations unless it's a request.
  • He also 'retiring' to be Dinosaur fan, and moved to Anime side instead.
  • He also known to use Photoshop, his first illustration using Photoshop is his drawing of Rinoka in MMD/FI version, which shared publicly in some webpage, never revealed by Lukmoo himself.
  • His favorite Vocaloid is Hatsune Miku.
  • His favorite dinosaur is Spinosaurus.
  • His Spore profile page:
MMD - DI Fiction06:23

MMD - DI Fiction

Here's preview on one of his MMD animation.



Another preview, this one involve in instrument, still possibly a character promotion.

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