Mackenzie is a 12 year old who come from Kansas city. she's occasionally a troublemaker and didn't cause trouble at her school and home. she wears red hoodie, beige pants, white shoes, pearl earrings. she resembles female version of red hoodie guy. Mackenzie has only two best friends named Polly and Erika, she's younger than them.

Name: Mackenzie Sierra Keegan

Age: 12

Grade: 7th

Gender; Female

Voice: Lauren/Salli(for other users)

Nationally: American

Hometown: United States

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Blue-green

Weight: 110 pounds

Family: Kelsey(mother)voiced by crystal/allison(for other users

Nick(father) Mike voiced by mike/paul(for other users)

Rachael(sister) voiced by Jennifer

Jared(brother) voiced by David

Boyfriend: None


Mackenzie is a nice, friendly, cool, tomboy, athletic girl, she loves to play sports.

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