This is a GoAnimate episode.


  • Eric as Curiousgorge66, Foxy The Pirate and Carkle The Animatronic
  • Kidaroo as Macusoper
  • Diesel as Macusoper's Dad
  • Kayla as Sophie and Jelly Otter
  • Shy Girl as Baby Butter Otter
  • Kimberly as Peanut Otter
  • David as Markiplier
  • Brian as Warren Cook and The Doctor
  • Paul as Igor The Mii
  • Young Guy as Freddy Fazbear

More will be added to the cast soon.




Macusoper: "I'm gonna turn Sophie and her cousins into alligators! Now how easy is that?! From a rather docile mustelidae to a ferocious reptile, their personality may totally change! Anyway, I am going into Lake Hoohaw!"

[Macusoper goes to Lake Hoohaw and sees Sophie and her cousins]

Sophie: "Hi Macusoper."

Jelly: "Would you like to apologize to us for what you did?"


Peanut: "Alligators?! Isn't that, um, harsh?"

Baby Butter: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Macusoper: "Silence! You will be aggressive reptiles in 3....2...1....GO!" (turns the 4 into alligators)

Sophie: (now an alligator) "HEY! Turn us back into adorable otters this instant!"

Peanut: (now an alligator) "I agree!

Baby Butter: (now an alligator) "Me too!" 

Jelly: (now an alligator as well) "So do I!"

Macusoper: "You have to stay as alligators. You must act like troublemakers chomping on people's property and acting wild!"

Sophie: "Nope! I'm calling your dad about this!" (spits a phone from her U-shaped mouth) "Now get lost, Macusoper!"

Macusoper: (running away) "Noooooooooooooooooo!"

Sophie: (on the phone) "Hello, Macusoper's dad. Your son turned me and my cousins into ferocious alligators!"

Macusoper's Dad: "What the f***?! He's in deeper trouble than ever!"

Sophie: "I agree. Besides that, he forced us to damage property and in general have an aggressive behavior."

Macusoper's Dad: "That's no good either! What can I do for you?"

Sophie: "Can you at least help us turn back into otters?"

Macusoper's Dad: "Sure. I'll see you 4 soon."

Sophie: "No problem. Goodbye!"

(At Macusoper's House)

Macusoper's Dad: "Macusoper! How dare you turn Sophie and her cousins into alligators! That's it! You are grounded for life and I'm calling Markiplier to turn them back! (on the phone) Hello, Markiplier?"

Markiplier: "What is it?"

Macusoper's Dad: "Macusoper turned Sophie and her cousins into Alligators!"

Markiplier: "What? I'm in the middle of beating Night 6 of Five Nights At Freddy's 2! (XSCREAM plays) Thanks for calling! Bye! (hangs up) I'm going to turn them back!"

[Cut to: Markiplier at Lake Hoohaw, he turns the 4 back into otters]

Baby Butter: "Yay!"

Jelly: "Thanks for changing us back to normal!"

Sophie: "We could've stayed as vicious creatures forever without your help!"

Peanut: "Yeah! We appreciate it."

Markiplier: "You're welcome. Now, let's go to Macusoper's house to ground him!"

Sophie: "Okay."

(At Macusoper's House)

Macusoper's Dad: "Macusoper! You have a lot of visitors!"

TBA, Sophie writes.

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