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MarioLeopoldSam Go!Animate character



Date of birth

March 9, 2001


Kyoto, Japan


VoiceForge French-Fry
Loquendo Bernard (Comedy World form)
Loquendo Ludoviko (Chibi Peepz form)

MarioLeopoldSam (aka AnimeYes LalaLoopsyNo) is Kaworu Sakurada's brother and is the vice leader of Kaworu Sakurada's gang. He is in love with Shinji Ikari and he hates UTUBETROLLPOLICE with a burning passion.

In July 2015 MarioLeopoldSam was arrested in Japan for being a weeaboo and was deported to Uganda. The Ugandan people elected him as their new king and he gained an army of child soldiers that allied themselves with ISIS in Syria. President Obama then launched an air strike that killed 150 civilians and blew MarioLeopoldSam's legs off.



MarioLeopoldSam's Roblox character

Vehicles: 2001 Nissan GTR Concept, Sakurada Concept Kuchiki, Sakurada Ika EV, Annis Okuna and Emporer Sukamiato and 2011 Toyota Corolla

Friends: Kaworu Sakurada, Sakura, Kadoma, Shino, Shinji, Rei, Kirito, Phifedawg (a.k.a. Demon Queen Rosalina or WickD00D)

Enemies: Haruhi Fujioka, Justin Bieber, UTUBETROLLPOLICE, Mitsuki Goanimate Fan, Kirby Loopsy and people who make grounded videos out of Shinji and Kirito.

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