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His winter avatar


Angelo Michael Tuono
July 16, 1999 (age 18)





Momogowi was a GoAnimator. and a really special child too. hee hee -bubsy

He has moved on to do better things with his life on the internet

Momogowi is a fan of Rocket Raccoon.

He still posts stuff on his YouTube, DeviantArt (bubsy note - speaking of deviantart, check out mine, too. it has lots of cool stamps and pretty purple backgrounds and stuff), and has a Steam account.

On October 4th, 2015, Momogowi left GoAnimate because he was tired of sharing accounts and couldn't get any videos done.

He made his mark.

Although many following copy everything he does, but remember HE set that example first! bubsy's note - or do they? Oh the years have gone haven't they? So little page little time to type everything... bubsy's note - i call bullshit, wikis have infinite space

he's become some kind of creepy SOAB - 08bc

Avatar for Autumn 2014

My GoAnimate Character

Momogowi's First Avatar (July 2014-September 2014; Had Young Guy Voice)


Halloween Avatar-2014

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