Movieman0215 is a North American GoAnimator. He's one of those GoAnimators with grounded videos, and he even has a long running grounded series.

About this user

Movieman0215 joined on March 19th, 2012. He then made videos out his real name, until the GoAnimate layout was changed; he then made grounded series. First was Alan gets grounded, then was the long running Neil gets grounded, as he is currently is season 3 here.


  • AMSally94 Returns
  • gamecubefan2001
  • WoodyYes RatiganNo
  • mattmiltpotts3
  • Jai12

Who he's following

  • AMSally94 Returns
  • OfficerPoop247forever

Account Status

Active, has 143 GoAnimate video's.


  • He is currently a user who makes (Name of troublemaker) gets sent to (Other part of world).
  • The username of movieman0215 came from him liking movies

Link to Movieman0215's GoAnimate account

Well guys, here you go:

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