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Gender: Male

Mr toffz

GoAnimate (Comedy World) version of Mr. Toffee

Age: Late 30s, Early 40s

Voice: Simon

Mr. Toffee is a character from the game Candy Crush Saga. Both he, and Tiffi, tend to cause a lot trouble in the GoAnimate world, simply, by mainly stealing candy from everybody else, and eating it for themselves! And another thing, he tends to force other citizens within the GoAnimate world to eat bad candy, such as Circus Peanuts, Candy Corn, and Black Licorice. Mr. Toffee is owned by!


  • Mr. Toffee could be the father of Tiffi and Tiffi's twin, Juli (Juli is a mermaid)

His actual apperance, he is standing next to Tiffi. This is a zoomed in snapshot from the title screen of Candy Crush

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