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This is his Avatar.

Newcatekellus Terreluss Raahun IV, (simply named Newcat) (voiced by Joey) was born on December 14, 735691 A.D (Gallifreyan Time). He is 149 years old. His account is known as Newcat Team (Now Newcat Team UNIT) . He is fluent in English, a LITTLE bit of Welsh, and can write in most forms of written Gallifreyan. He started his account on April 5, MMXIV (2014)

He likes pizza, is good friends with Blaze the Cat (and is, in his canon, 'married' to her.... *sweatdrop*), PC Guy (Who, in the NCTEU, [Newcat Team Extended Universe] is voiced by Young Guy), and is a 'Defaulted' Timelord of Gallifrey He has a barcode on his right wrist. A Default (As called by most other Timelords) is a Timelord who lacks a visible nose, any facial hair, is albino, has a malformed pectoral area, and ALSO lacks visible ears. Much more to be explained layee-terrrrrr...

Newcat enjoys Monty Python And The Holy Grail (The Movie!!), watching Calebcomedian videos(Not anymore...), playing with LEGOs, making {CENSORED} to Blaze, eating SPAM with Tabasco, and being good friends with SonicMan64.

He does not make 'bad videos' out of anyone, because he doesn't think that would do anything beside cause him to lose followers. He is just a neutralist, not a 'Non-Sider', not a 'Good User', just a neutralist. His pals include Mashu The Bloxbi, The Doctor, Eric, SonicMan64, Calebcomedian (No longer), PC Guy, who is Eric's older brother (In his canonicity, The Empress, Foxy, and Mega Man, plus more. He dislikes fighting, hatred, and most anti-bronies, although he TRIES to respect their opinions. He would be considered a FNaF fan.

He is clearly not a fan of MLP, however; he does support those who do, such as his main collaborator, (And 'best friend?') SonicMan64, (Now TransformersYesMLPYes) who is a brony.
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His look in Newcat & SonicMan's Adventure: Attack On Ponyville

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