Nikki is a character, who was created by Trinity Hayes. She wears periwinkle hoodie, blue jeans, dark grey shoes, white hat, and has piercings in her ear. Nikki always getting trouble both at home, and at school. She's a tomboy troublemaker.

Name: Nikki

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Hair color: black

Eye color: blue

Favorite colors: blue, red, black, green, yellow, raging red, purple

Boyfriend: None.

Favorite games: Call of duty, GTA 4, Mortal Kombat series, DC Universe Online, Tony hawk series, WWE smackdown vs Raw Series, Street fighter series, King of fighter series, Team fortress, Wrestling games, F-zero, sonic games, Power ranger games, Fighting games, Capcorn vs Namco, Soul caliber 4 and 5, Dc universe vs mortal kombat, def jam vendetta, Devil may cry, God wars, Skyrim, GTA 5, other boy games, Marvel games, street fighter x tekken, Tekken series, Saint rows series, racing car games, shooting games, Dead or Alive series, Runescape, soul caliber series.

Likes: boy stuff, sports, video games, skateboarding, hanging out with skaters, rock songs, dubstep songs, hangout with skaters and boys, metal songs, boy clothes, PS3, PS4, Ps2, Ps1, XBOX, Xbox 360, action and fighting. adventure movies, my little pony, gamecube.

Dislike: pop songs, light colors.

Family: Heather(mother)

       Todd(little brother)
       Megan(Older sister)

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