Himself on GoAnimate.



Also known as

Noddy Smith (OliverWestern)








Cepstral David
Young Guy (Noddy For 2016)
Eric (since David expired)
Joey (Noddy for 2016, since Young Guy expired)


Hero (in OishiKawaiiFan2015's videos)
Anti-hero (in EvilStrawberryShortcakeFan2015's videos)

Noddy is a fictional character based on the CGI version of the title character of exactly the same name.

In GoAnimate, he is one of the most hated baby show characters, despite the fact that he is indeed liked by a few of our users.

The 2016 version of Noddy will literally make the CGI version of Noddy (this version) look so well behaved, we are sorry to say.

In EvilStrawberryShortcakeFan2015's videos, he has a serious crush on Skyler Hawkins.

GoAnimate Life

Some people have mistaken Noddy for a girl due to his eyelashes. Alex Kimble often refers to him as a "Naughty boy", just in case users DID mistake Noddy for a girl.

He can even drive without a License, which is a criminal offence, especially seeing that Noddy is only 8 years old.

Barnhurst Prison

In OliverWestern's videos, Noddy is serving time in Barnhurst Prison for underage driving; he was also fostered out to PC Guy for being naughty prior to his prison sentence. In Barnhurst, he gained an arch-rival in Joan "The Freak" Ferguson. He also had a friendly rivalry with Bob the Builder (known in the OliverWestern series as Robert Gaffney). As Barnhurst Prisoners had to wear an allocated uniform, and go barefoot, Noddy was seen without his trademark elf hat, as were Postman Pat and Bob the Builder. He was eventually killed in the Barnhurst fire alongside ten other troublemakers. In Season 4, it will be revealed that he was framed by Bea Smith, another Troublemaker.

Is Noddy 18, or is Noddy 5?

Some users depict him as being 18, therefore old enough to drive, but unfortunate enough to be stuck in the body of a five year old.



Big Ears (Noddy's best friend but he acts as his dad), Tessie Bear (Noddy's close friend, but acts as his mom), Mr. Plod (another friend of Noddy, arrests him for various crimes), Sly and Gobbos (the two main antagonists of Noddy), Diesel and Kimberly (The Leilah Delattre's Version), Batman (in the DC comics)