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Nutty in his GoAnimate look


The Real Appearance of Nutty

Nutty is a Happy Tree Friends character who is a troublemaker who robs candy stores before Lifty and Shifty does. He wears Yellow Shoes & White Pants He Was made by Adamkleinschmidt2003. More information about Nutty in:

Friends: Scootatoo Dash, Sunset Shimmer (formerly), Lifty, Shifty, Dumb Ways to Die Psycho Killer, Queen Chrysails, Trixie, other My Little Pony villains, Warren Cook, Mime, Mrs. Shawn (Warren's teacher), etc.

Enemies: Handy, Cuddles (For trying to steal Cuddle's Ice Cream Cone and ended up getting Nutty's head stuck in a Bee Hive), Toothy, Robin Hood, Pop, Cub, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Alan Cook (Warren Cook's Dad), etc.

Born: October 31, 2005.

Death: April 21, 2013.

Age: 7 (At Death)

Voice: Kidaroo and Young Guy.