Orange Ball in GoAnimate

Orange Ball as he appear in "Simba babysits Orange Ball" (MrAndy703's Video)

Orange Ball as he appear in MrAndy703's videos. He was originally being voiced by Speakonia Male #3, sometimes he was voiced by Worms Classic Speechbank. Now He is usually being voiced by Ivy.


He is cheerful. He is always be friends with every objects except means and jerks.


He is a orange ball with a hair and he have a face and two black legs.


  • "I hate Mondays"
  • "ARRRGH"
  • "Rats"



Pink Ball - Pink Ball look same as Orange Ball but she is pink. Due to that, Orange Ball always love Pink Ball.


Simbi - Simbi is a cat that objectified, Orange Ball always take care of him.

(Best) Friends

MrAndy703 - He is always help Orange Ball
Genesis The Pikachu - He is pikachu but objectified.
Bloom and Belle - Genesis's Pets
SuperSonic - He is xxsupersonic777 who is red ball with a hair and yellow cap
Bowling Ball - She had pretty look cause Orange Ball liked her, She is made by thetotaldramafan223.
Rainbow Ball - Same as Bowling Ball, Made by goosy427.
Garfield - They are "Monday Haters Buddies", Orange Ball always loves his comic because they are funny.
Snoopy - The Cute Beagle are a part of Orange Ball's Favorite.
Cookie - She was jane but objectified, She made by JaneAndFriends4741
Lightinghost - A Deviantart User
Boggy B - Orange Ball always team up with him.
TheSuperBaxter - Orange Ball like him because He is awesome user.
Taylor Jolicoeur - Orange Ball's Best Friend
Team Family Members
Mario - Orange Ball's favorite hero.
Luigi - Orange Ball's another favorite hero.


Barney - He is a worst baby show character ever.
Dora - She is really annoying. So Orange Ball really hate Dora.
Caillou - He always throws temper tantrum.
Grand Chase Warriors - Because They're trying to Destroy GoAnimate.
GrandChase RealCook - Orange Ball's Worst Enemy.
Osomatsukun Real - He is Really Trying to date Baxter
Lothos GrandChase - Orange Ball's second worst enemy.
Peppa Pig
Henny Loc
Henna Loc
Sam Roviofan
Mike The Knight
Luke Gartrell


Bomberman, Puyo Puyo, Tetris, Every Object shows related stuff, Garfield Series, Worms series, Denpa Men Series, Cooking Mama, BIT.TRIP Series, PEANUTS Series, Hudson Soft, Yoyle things, GoAnimate.


Grand Chase, Dora The Explorer, Dora and Friends, Caillou Series, Barney And Friends, Mondays, Bullies, Troublemakers, Baby Shows, Mature Things.


  • He is the one who's been animated using Adobe Flash (only on MrAndy703's Videos)
How can you explain this
"How can you explain this?"

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