The PB&J Combat Crew is PB&J (from PB&J Otter)'s alter ego team. It consists of Swordlord P, G.I. Jelly, and Kick-Butter. They were formed in The Ultimate GoAniquest. From time to time, they are still usually referred to by their real names and are occasionally addressed by their alter-ego names.


Swordlord P: Peanut Otter's alter ego. He is a sword-wielding child wearing a cowboy hat, a black belt, and a star badge. He battles opponents with his trusty sword. He can also throw katanas and chakrams.

G.I. Jelly: Jelly Otter's alter ego. She is dressed in a hi-tech armor suit that protects her body (except for her head) from strong blows along with a ninja headband. She fires a variety of projectiles from her rather bulky arm cannon.

Kick-Butter: Baby Butter's alter ego. She wears a red hair-bow (which gives her more stamina and distinguishes her from male characters), grey boxing gloves, and a black belt just like her brother Peanut. She can use a variety of boxing moves and generally relies on unarmed combat, making her tougher than her normal ego. She still speaks in only simple words and sometimes phrases.


  • They are based off their Mii Fighter counterparts Sophie has made in SSB for the 3DS.

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