Llewellen's GoAnimate Avatar

Llewellen "William" Higginson-Ford, better known by his online alias 'PainlessPentagram' is an Australian former GoAnimator that joined GoAnimate back in April 2013 and left in June 2014

GoAnimate Life

Llewellen created his page back in April 2013 and made his first video in Dec 2013.

He is notable for the Joey gets Grounded series and the PainlessPentagram Series.

Season 3 of the PainlessPentagram series was meant to be planed for May 2014 but was cancelled because of content violating the GoAnimate Terms of use.

He later left in June 2014 because of his account being permenately disabled.

After GoAnimate Life

After the permenate termination of his GoAnimate account so far no videos have been made

Llewellen in his Pony form

so far on his YouTube channel.

He still likes Grounded Videos and Good Users (Except for Calebcomedian, Avromps1999 and SacredSacredHeroesYesVilliansNo) and he is still friends with OptimusYesMegaNo.

Plans for a new video is unknown.


Back in late 2013/early 2014 he was angry about the grounded videos out of Young Children shows so made a message about it. He later apologized and ignored it.

Back when he terminated Calebcomedian, controversy hit when Caleb fans got really pissed off when they realized that he terminated Caleb and some started making severe messages and killing/grounded videos out of him. He was later unterminated after some inappropriate videos where deleted. After his GoAnimate page got terminated he now hates Calebcomedian.


The bad user Zainny impersonated him.

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