Patricia is a Character who come from Uptown. She's childhood friend and roommate of karen.


Name: Patricia

Real Name: Patricia Mills

Birthday: July 31th, 1994

Age: 20

Voice: Mary/Allison(for other users),Princess(teenager)Tween girl(tween)Tween girl(child) Ivy(kindergarten/ toddler), Shy girl(baby)

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: Light

Family: Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Joshua (older brother)                    


School: College

Job: same as karen


Patricia wears greens polo shirt with white stripes, blue shoes, White shoes, in her sleep wear, she wears black shirt and white pants, pink slippers. in her formal wear, she wears lavender dress shirt and pink pants, black high heel boots. in winter outfit. she wears pink coat, pink pants, black boots, pink hat with poms poms. in her swim wear. she wears red shirt and dark red shorts, yellow sandals

Physical Appearance

Patricia have Shoulder length dark blonde hair and blue eyes, freckles in her cheek. in her formal wear, she wears pink lipstick and light purple eyeshadow, blush, her hair was curly.


Patricia works at same store as karen

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