How he appears.

Peanut Otter is a red otter from PB&J Otter. He is one of Sophie the Otter's cousins.

Peanut Otter in Ed Edd n'Eddy style.

Voice: Eric (Alex Kimble's version and as Swordlord P)/Kimberly (PB&Jotterisnumber1 and KingKool720's version)/Liang (Chinese accent in Ursula lives in Karate with PB&J) 

Date of Birth: June 17th 2007 (age 9)

Swordlord P

Peanut's alter-ego is Swordlord P. He wears a cowboy hat, a black belt, and a star badge. His voice also changes to Eric. He sports a sword called Shibuki and can throw katanas and chakrams besides attacking with Shibuki.

2014-07-24 152149

Peanut, as a Lil' Peepz character


Peanut's Halloween costume in Sophie and PB&J's Trick or Treat Beat

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