peenut in someones room

A bizarre, crude and cruel caricature of Peanut Otter. He speaks in a very heavy accent and kills people. He was later killed by Art Carny.


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This article/section/ may give away important plot lines. Do not continue reading if you don't want to be spoiled!

peenut appeared out of no-where (presumably lake hoohaw****you) and began his massacre, killing an entire family. He later went outside and was shot and killed by the legend Art Carny.


Name: peenut ott

Birthday: December 11th?

Age: ?????

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Marko

Likes and Dislikes: Unknown. Presumably the opposite of Peanuts but he's not an exact opposite of him, but a shoddy copy.

Family: Shoddy knock-off's of the Otters family.


peenut is based of another Peanut caricature from PBJOTT. A comic by artist k1ngp0llux.

Videos peenuts first appearance.

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