Polly and Erika.

Polly and Erika looking at each other sad due to having difficult time to find another friend at"best friends forever"

Polly is a mackenzie's best friend.Polly wears a purple shirt with white shirt under it, blue pants, white shoes. she have blonde ponytail that was up in the air and white pearl earrings.

Name: Polly Jessica Smith

Age: 14

Grade: 7th

Gender; Female

Voice: Kalya

Nationally: American

Hometown: United States

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Weight: 110 pounds

Family: Ellen(mother) voiced by Kate

Malcolm(father) voiced by Steven 

Allison(sister) voiced by Tween girl

Charity(older sister) Voiced by Julie

Daniel(brother) Voiced by zack

Joey(younger brother) Voiced by kendra\\

Boyfriend: none but she tried to look for one.


Polly is a cheerful, excitable, and outgoing, talkive girl. she loves to talk with anyone and boys, but can be quite bossy towards erika and treat her like a sister sometimes.


In formal wear, her hair was down, she wears pink dress and gold shoes with high heels.

In Pajamas wear, shes wear pink pajama shirt and green pajama pants even light blue slippers.

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