Queen Elsa
Elsa Frozen Fever GoAnimate
Elsa in her GoAnimate universe (Frozen Fever appearance).




Emma and Sali

Date of birth

December 21st, 1992 (age 24)

Queen Elsa is the protagonist of the 2013 Disney film Frozen. Elsa has the special ability to turn anything that she wants into ice. And as seen in Frozen, she can even create a castle through special non-meltable ice.

GoAnimate Version

In the GoAnimate realm, she is one of three ladies protected by POPTECR. The other two are Pokémon's Cynthia, and Mario's Rosalina. Despite being a Disney character, she is also protected by POPFNITV.


She sings The popular single: "Let It Go". In GoAnimate, her friends are Anna, Olaf, Krisofff, Jack Frost,  and Spiderman. She goes on adventures with the Disney Princesses


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