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Raindash Is Human Clone of Rainbow Dash he is not Blue hes White (Age: 59 Speices: Human Clone of Rainbow Dash Sex: Male Favoire Show: My Little Pony Favoire Charather: Rainbow Dash and Little Bill Cailou Sometimes Favoire Game My Little Pony Games and Rated Kids to Adults Game like Sonic R and Sonic CD Favoire Song MLPFSIM THeme Song Favoire Arade: Pacman Ms Pacman Pacman Junior Favoire Fanon Game the Zavio Video Game Favoire Game Rated Kids to Adult (Changed toRated E for Eracryone now) Favoire Jupan Show Pokemon Favoire Nickelodeon Show Rugrats Favoire CN Show All Favoire Metal Robot Metal Shadow Favoire Sonic R Charather EggRobo Favoire Sonic Form Hyper (loves Morean and Classic) Emimes: Rainbow Dash Can Fly: Yes Wears: Rainbow Wings with Rainbow Hair White Skin with Blue Eyes with Blue Cape (Sometimes turn his Super form Color) Super Form Color: Rainbow (White in Zavio Video Game) Favoire Star Wars Charather Death Vader (Almost Jango Fett)


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