Rainbow Dash (GoAnimate)

Rainbow Dash in GoAnimate

Rainbow Dash Equestria Girls GoAnimate

Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash in GoAnimate

Rainbow Dash

This is what she looks like as a pony.

EQG Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash as an Equestria Girl.

Rainbow Dash is a character from MLP: FIM.


Date of Birth: July 31,2001 (Pony Version) December 8th 1999 Equestria Girls Version January 27th, 1998 (TheFabulousDC03's version)

Age: 15 (17 in Equestria Girls Version),

Voices (GoAnimate): Emma (also as a foal, TheFabulousDC03's version), Princess, Grace, Kimberly, Salli (TheFabulousDC03's version, Lil' Peepz Equestria Girls form), Tween-Girl (as a foal), Julie, Kayla

Voice (Cartoon): Ashleigh Ball

Gender: Female)

Stars In...

  • Warren Cook Gets Brainwashed

Gallery (TheFabulousDC03's version)

Eqg rainbow dash rainbow rocks by seahawk270-d8brpfb

Rainbow Dash with her guitar.

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