Gender: Male

Species: Raccoon (Thanks captain obvious...)

Age: Probably mid 20's

Voice: Zack/Evil Genius/David

Rancid is the main antagonist in the game Farm Heroes (Saga). WHICH IS A GAME! In the GoAnimate world and the game, he builds factories and huge machinery everywhere, polluting everything around it! In the GoAnimate world alone, he has been arrested a few times for this. He is basically an evil business CEO of some sort, "ruining nearly everything he touches." He constantly brags about how much money he has! In the GoAnimate world, he loves to stuff his face with food because he enjoys being fat! No wonder he's always so full of himself...He is also caught numerous times smoking cigars on and around places he's not supposed to!

It turns out that Rancid the Raccoon's antagonistic tendencies are a result of him not receiving enough love from others. Perhaps if Rancid found his true love, of either gender, then he may calm down with the antagonism and become a good guy. However, one thing is certain: his evil is not innate, and he does not really want to be a bad guy.

Random Facts

  • Farm Heroes Saga is an exact copy of Candy Crush Saga, but is doing this for all the games they make! What I mean is that the gameplay is the same for all of their games, 5 lives, match 3, too many levels.



Rancid the Raccoon in the GoAnimate World (Lil' Peepz) Unfortunately, this does not even begin to do him justice.

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His actual appearance. I know this is a back view but that face is priceless. Not only is he stealing some cash, but he is also running off with your heart!

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