This video, involving a fictional character or more as the troublemaker(s), has been created for entertainment purposes only.

This is a video and transcript being made by RobbiePwns135.

Cast(Admins can choose what they want, non-admins can choose up to 3)

Eric as RobbieComedian, Piglet, LouieLouie95, and Optimus500050

Brian as Justdancingsamuel, Thomas the tank Engine and Warren Cook

Dave as WilliamWill2343 and mrlegofan10

Paul as Igor the Mii, Alex Kimble, Little Bill, and Postman Pat

Kimberly as Peanut Otter

Lawrence as Nemo333m and SDC Solider 1 

Young Guy as SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY, Rastamouse, Bob the Builder, Mike the Knight and Ghost

Alan as Tree fu Tom and H20 Delirious 

Kidaroo as Barney

Kayla as Dora and Sophie the Otter

Diesel as Bear in the big blue house, Hip Hop Harry, Winnie the Pooh and Optimus Prime

Joey as AnyDVD

Simon as CloneDVD and FBI Solider 1 

David as Caillou and Noddy

Steven as Sid the Science Kid

Ivy as Peppa Pig

Wiseguy as Shockwave

Julie as Rocketpowergal24

Catherine as Treetog

Scary Voice as Deathwing


[Robbie wakes up and goes on NBC 13 GoAnimate City, NY online and this is what it says]


War Hoohaw may not be over. The leadership is planning to retaliate against SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY after Doraland falls. They are at Lake Ontario, and planning to get to Hoohaw to get revenge. SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY is getting ready to fight

RobbieComedian: Damn it! It's not over! I gotta go now!

[RobbieComedian goes into his 2014 Ford Explorer and comes to pick up Sophie]

Sophie: [Opens car door] I heard about the Babyshowland, and I'm calling my friends and family to come with. [gets into the car]

RobbieComedian: So we're gonna go pick up SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY and Igor?

Sophie: Yeah. And we're gonna need food. Pull over to Wal-Mart so that we could survive.

RobbieComedian: "No problem, Sophie. Your wish, my command."

[Later, they get the food and then, after paying, go to the Explorer and put the food in the trunk and then getting 5 people then going to the garage of the Good Users, Inc. where a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter is there]

Sophie: I got the keys, and we should get into that van and pick the rest up

[Robbie parks the Explorer and then all 7 get into the van to pick the rest of the gang up]

Igor: That Ford Explorer is a nice car!

[Robbie picks the rest up. On the way there]

Optimus500050: but be careful, Babyshowland is guarded by Shockwave, CloneDVD and AnyDVD and Defended by Deathwing!

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: Explain your weaponry!

Igor: I have a LOT OF WEAPONS!

RobbieComedian: I got a flamethrower and a sci-fi blaster!

Sophie: I have an injection to poison the evil residents, a weapon formerly used by my younger cousin Jelly!

Optimus500050: I have an advanced M16

Officer Squidward: I still have my golden knife, Samuel's Communicator Glasses + Bluetooth Black Headset, Flamethrower Deluxe+!

FBI Solider 1:I have a riot shotgun and a assult sheild.

H20 Delirious:I have a golden minigun!

SDC Solider 1:I have a AN-94

Ghost:I have a M4A1 assult carbine attachted to a Gernade laucher and plus my RPG 

Nemo333m: I have a shotgun!

Peanut: I have a new black hole gun that Robbie gave me!

[Meanwhile, cop cars, CIA cars, SWAT cars, and millitary cars are on the road, and there are helicopters]

[The vehicles arrive at Babyshowland]

RobbieComedian: Alright we're here! Get your weapons!

[they get out of the car]

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: Alright, team, we know what to do!

[one of the police cars gets blown up by a bazooka]

Babyshowland resident 1: Screw the police! You all are not gonna get us this time! [gets shot]

CloneDVD: The cops! The enemies! Get 'em!

[Starts shooting, then SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY starts shooting]

[CloneDVD gets shot]

AnyDVD: How dare you!

[AnyDVD gets stabbed in the heart]

Shockwave: You will not defeat our organization!

[Robbie, Sophie, Peanut, and Igor sneak in with the van]

Robbie: [stops car at the show building] Alright, who should we get first?

Sophie: How about Caillou?

Igor: That's a good idea!

RobbieComedian: Yeah!

[They get out of the car. Meanwhile, the others escape the ambush]

Justdancingsamuel: Where's the van?

Officer Squidward: They went to um... one of the buildings 

[scene cuts to an episode of Caillou being filmed]

Caillou: Mommy Mommy, I can't wait to go to the circus!

[door breaks open]

[Caillou turns into his bad side]

Caillou: Hey! You little s**ts are not suppo-

Robbie: Too bad. We're taking this crap down!

Peanut: The police are everywhere! [uses flamethrower and sets the room on fire]

Caillou: Fire! You son of a-

Robbie: [interrupts. says one of the lyrics to "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young] I keep on searching! I keep on searchin for a heart of gold!

Caillou: Stop it you- [catches on fire] HOLY CRUD I'M ON FIRE! MOMMY! DADDY!

Caillou's Mom: I'm gonna ra- [gets injected by Sophie] OW!!!! I don't feel so good!

Igor: Bye Bye Suckers!

[Robbie, Peanut, Igor, and Sophie teleport to the van]

Igor: Alright, what next?

Robbie: Let's get The Wiggles!

Sophie: Good idea!

Igor: After The Wiggles, We're Gonna Burn Peppa Pig!

[They drive to the place where The Wiggles are]

RobbieComedian: I got the laser gun Let's get in!

[They get in and Sam Chen is in the way]

Sam Chen: I is resident of Babyshowland And You Going kill The Wiggles I Don't Think so!

RobbieComedian: There's that Sam Chen with the worst grammar ever!

Sam Chen: I Don't Bad Grammar! You Bad Grammar

[RobbieComedian shoots a laser in Sam Chen's leg]

Sam Chen: Ow! You Shooting Laser At Me! I'm Going Kill You!

[Peanut sucks in Sam Chen with his black hole gun]

[They get into the Wiggly House]

Anthony Wiggle: You're not supposed to be here!

Igor: Sucks for you! [shoots Simon Wiggle]

Emma Wiggle: [gets out a revolver and points at RobbieComedian] How dare you people sneak in! I'm gonna kill you!

Robbie: Too bad. [Shoots a laser at Emma's chest]

Optimus500050: You have one of the worst shows ever! [Shoots Anthony's face]

Lachy Wiggle: Uh oh......

CodPlayerRussia: GTFO! [Kicks Lachy in the crotch]

[Then SDC Solider 1 gets killed and makes that SDC solider death sound plus FBI Solider was killed also]

Peanut: Black hole gun!

Lachy Wiggle: You better not, Peni-

Peanut: That is so obscene!

Lachy Wiggle: You bette- [gets sucked into the black hole gun]

Robbie: Alright, next: Peppa Pig

[Scene cuts to Peppa Pig]

Peppa Pig: Mommy mommy!

[Door breaks, Peppa Pig's dad gets sucked into the black hole gun]

Peppa Pig: Get out! [She and her mom get burned by a flamethrower]

Igor: Now we need to turn george into BACON! because bacon is yummy!

George Pig: (Cries)

Optimus500050: DIE!!! [Punches George Pig in the face]

[The gang teleports to the van]

mrlegofan10: guy's let's deal with noddy!

Optimus500050: good idea!

Noddy: Let's see now, This kid want's a-


Noddy: don't make me tell Santa to put all of you in the naughty list!


Noddy: no (23x)

mrlegofan10: Get the f**k out!! [Cuts Noddy's head off]

Alex Kimble: Hey guys! we should get postman pat next!

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: Yeah! he is a stupid postman!

Rocketpowergal24: I have some daggers so who can I stab?

WilliamWill2343: Anyone you want!

Postman Pat: Delivery for-

Louielouie95: Your'e not delivering things to anyone! your deliveries are full of lies postman pat! [Kicks Postman Pat in the balls]

Rocketpowergal24: I have a suprise for you~!! this!!! [Stabs Postman Pat with daggers]

Jess: Master Pat! No!!!!!!

Optimus500050: [Grabs Jess] I will throw you so hard you will get hurt and you will die!

Jess: No (8x)

Optimus500050: [Throws Jess high in the air]

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: Come on guys! let's go kill Rastamouse

Rastamouse: What to do today....

Alex Kimble: Die you stupid rats!

Scratchy: Ow! (9x)

Rastamouse No! (15x)

Alex Kimble: [Kills Rastamouse and Scratchy with a AK-47]

Alex Kimble: They were weak and easy!

Igor the mii: Where to now?

Optimus Prime: Don't worry guys! I am here to help! anyways, we should go attack Tree Fu Tom!

Optimus Prime: WTF!? TheCryptic is in the way!

TheCryptic: Stop ruining people's childhoods!

Optimus Prime: Are you kidding? he is weak! [Stomps on the Cryptic]

Deathwing: YOU!

Optimus Prime: I'll see you later! I got to hold off Deathwing!


Tree Fu Tom: Hello! I am Tree Fu Tom!

Treetog: And Hello! I am Treetog!

Igor: SHUT UP! [Burns Tree Fu Tom and Treetog with a flamethrower]

Sophie: Let's Kill Winnie the Pooh and Piglet!

[Meanwhile with H20 Delirious fighting with Winnie the Pooh]

H20 Delirious:DIE YOU SON OF A B***

Winnie the Pooh:No (22x)


Piglet: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Optimus500050: where to now?

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: Let's do Mike the Knight!

Mike the Knight: Hey Fernando, is there any baby show haters?

Fernando: Yes! There are some like-

Robbie: [Kicks Fernando in the Crotch] DON'T EVEN SAY ANY OF OUR USERNAMES!

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: Mike the Knight, you are a dark knight and you did it wrong! So die! [Chops Mike the Knight's head off]

Optimus500050: Okay, we are going to attack Dora and Barney next! Me, Igor, SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY, mrlegofan10, and Alex Kimble will deal with Barney! and RocketPowerGal24, WilliamWill2343, LouieLouie95, Robbie, and Nemo333m will deal with Dora!

Nemo333m: On it! when we both kill them both, well will meet each other here! okay?

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: Deal accepted! now let's kill those runts!

[Meanwhile at Barney]

Barney: Okay kids! It's time to sing: I love you, you love me, we are-


[Barney gets shot]

Barney: Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff! Help me.....

Igor: With a great explosion!

Baby Bop: STOP IT!

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: And a Stab from me to you!!!!


Alex Kimble: Won't you hate us too!?

Igor: [explodes Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff with a grenade] DIE M************!

[Meanwhile at Dora]

Nemo333m: Okay guys, The End of Dora starts early! let's attack!

Dora: Dora!

Boots: Boots!

Dora: Come on now! D-D-D-Dora! D-D-D-Dora-

Nemo333m: Rest in pieces!

Rocketpowergal24: I agree with Nemo333m!

WilliamWill2343: GoAnimate Rules! Dora Sucks!

LouieLouie95: Stop helping kids skip school!

Dora: No!

Sid the Science Kid: (Quietly) What is going on? I have to make a cure to revive people! But too many Baby Show Characters died so I gotta revive CloneDVD and AnyDVD!

LouieLouie95: [Shoots Boots]

Dora: No! (17x) Mommy! Daddy!

Dora's Mom: What is it Dora? Uh oh!

Nemo333m: [Kills Dora and her Parents] Let's go back to where we are supposed to go!

Optimus500050: Wer'e back where we are supposed to meet each other!

Nemo333m: So where to now?

mrlegofan10: Hey guys! I'd say we do Bear in the Big Blue House!

Sophie: That's a good idea! Let's kill bear and his stupid animals!

Optimus500050: I'm putting on my gas mask because it has a bunch of diseases from him and his stupid animals including Treelo, Ojo, Tutter, Pip, and Pop!

Alex Kimble: Me too!

Igor: Me three!

WilliamWill2343: Me four!

mrlegofan10: Me five!


Bear in the big blue house: hey guys! I stole this double decker couch that Emmet had! and now we can talk all together and be buddies!

Tutter: Yay!

Treelo: Uh oh!


SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: NOBODY MOVE! We can do this the easy way or we can do this the medium and average way or we can-

Optimus500050: THEY TOOK THE HARD WAY! FIRE! (3x)

Pip and Pop: Run! [Gets shot and dies easily]

Tutter: Pip and Pop! No!!!!!!!!

WilliamWill2343: ha! (30x)

Ojo: No! (22x) [Dies by getting shot]

Nemo333m: [Shoots Ojo and Tutter]

SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY: well, well, well! Bear! looks like this is your last day of your life! [Kills Bear]

[Meanwhile with Sid the Science Kid]

Sid the Science Kid: Let's see here....

Sid the Science Kid: Yes! I made the cure! now to revive CloneDVD and AnyDVD so they can arrest them!

[Back at the Baby Show hunters]

Optimus500050: Now let's do Tele-


Alex Kimble: You two again?! I thought we killed you?!

CloneDVD: Don't ask how we came back! [Cuffs Alex Kimble and Sophie]

AnyDVD: Keep moving!

[Meanwhile at Jail]

Sophie: Help us!!!!

Calebcomedian: I can help you!

[Everyone in the cell gets suprised]

Optimus500050: Calebcomedian! Please get us out!

Calebcomedian: Don't worry I'll-

CloneDVD: Ahem!

CloneDVD: Oh crap! [He and AnyDVD get beaten up hardly by CalebComedian]

CalebComedian: Come on get out of this prison! we have to stop baby shows!

Optimus500050: now we can kill the teletubbies!

Sophie: Yeah!

[Later, back at Sid The Science Kid]

Sid: That will teach 'em! They will have to watch baby shows for-

Policemen: This is the police! You are under arrest for raping innocent baby show haters!

Sid: [flips the middle finger to the policemen] F*** the police! I don't give a s**t about the law! It's a free country! I can kidnap anyone I want! [gets handcuffed]

Policeman: That'll teach you! You will be in jail for eternity!

CloneDVD: Goddamn it! Sid's arrested!

Robbie: Boo! [Shoots a laser at CloneDVD]

[CloneDVD gets attacked and explodes]

AnyDVD: Where did you come from?

Robbie: I hid in the van while the gang tried to pwn Sid! [Prays] God, put this sinner away! Amen.

AnyDVD: Are you praying? God's never gon- [twister spawns] NOOOOOOOO! I guess god is REEEEEEEEEEAAAALL…[goes away]

Robbie: Alright get in the car! Let's kill NopeComedian.

Sophie: I was arrested!

FBI agent: The jail where you were in was an unauthorized prison. Law enforcement will help join you to the city hall of Babyshowland.

[Robbie starts driving]

[Later, they get stopped by Hip Hop Harry, Teletubbies, and a resurrected Barney]

Hip Hop Harry: Where the hell you goin'?

Barney: Yeah, you're not goin' anywhere but HELL!

Teletubbies: Babby arfy! (Translation: You'll be arrested!)

[Policemen start their guns and point at the baby shows]

Teletubbies: Uh oh!

[They get arrested]

[The cars start driving again]

Shockwave: Why?! (5x) Why does this happen?

Policeman: Do you want to be arrested too?

Shockwave: No!

Policeman: I think it's Yes, Get in the car!


NopeComedian: You What's up! I'm NopeComedian!

Sophie: Stop it with your stupidity! I'm here to Kill you!

[Sophie uses an injection to kill NopeComedian]

NopeComedian: Oooof!

Robbie: Let's Kill Thomas the Tank Engine!

Sophie: Good Idea, Sophie!

(The gang drives to a building where thomas and friends was filmed.)


  • I'm sure this is terrorism.

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