also known as
AWESOMEADIEHL with a Emo Hair of 2015 Version!!!!!!

Also known as



Bruce L. Concepcion
December 7, 1997 (age 19)
Davad City, Netherlands


Commander Adriehl


Cebu, Philippines




Young Guy

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SergeantCommandArmy (formerly AwesomeAdriehl) is a Filipino Good User who hates Inhumane Species, Bad Users, A Corrupt Government, the UTUBETROLL Police, MNLF, North Korea Army, ISIS, Terrorists, and Criminals. He is also a GoAnimate Navy member, Taylor Team Family Member, Inhumane-Species Hunter and a Chef Cook.

In GoAnimate, his Arch-Enemies are Tommy Parky and Collin the Snatchers. Optimus500050 was formerly one, but he didn't want to be an arch-enemy anymore since he was formerly bad

In real life, his Arch-Enemies are Adam Jennie or Tommy Parky and

also He Has an Another Arch Enemies a Unhuman Species Name Cameron the Werelizard Humanoid in Adult Swim Ops,.

SERGEANT COMMANDARMY is Bruce Adriehl L Concepcion He is also a Good Boy and Smart Boy,

He is Also a Memeber of Pan pacific Defense Corp as a Jaeger Pilot.

and Also He is Leader of the Human RESISTANCE as a RESISTANCE Soldier.

in OC Form as SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY Has a Gun M4A1 Carbine.

in Admin Form as AwesomeAdriehl Has a Sword Gun,Colt Model 933,M16 or M4A1 Carbine.

(Note: SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY is Not a Bad User But He is a Good User.) (Note: Do Not Call SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY a Bad user or Any Bad Name,

He is  Not a Bad User He is a Real Good User,He is a Good Boy,Smart Boy,Kind Boy and a Friendly Boy Also He Love Goanimate Forever He Loves Good User Forever and He Love Making Friend to the Good User,

But He Hates Bad User He is Allies with the Good User and Also He is the Enemies of the Bad User)

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