Shawn Brunner is a GoAnimate user. 

Shawn Brunner
ShawnBrunner Profile

Alternative names

dinosaurusrock, meteorshowers (Spore)

Joined GoAnimate

26 April 2014

Voiced by

TSS Voice Steven, TTS Voice Dallas (As of March 24 2017), TSS Voice Kidaroo (enraged voice)


NathanDesignerBoy7, TheVigilantRaptor, Taylor Hayes, cheesedoodle65, Taylor JoliCoeur


SuperMarioZaki, King Sonic Will Destroy You All, Officer Izaya, GrandChase RealCook, Daniel Osborne, Nick Bryant, sircreeper


Dinosaurs, mythical creatures, animals


Getting grounded, getting blocked, SuperMarioZaki, Ash-Zilla, Weegee Ndebele Dr. Octogonapus







Both Shawn and TheVigilantRaptor became best friends ever since they met when playing the game SPORE back in 2010. Even though Shawn retired from the game to go on GoAnimate, they are still pen pals through GoAnimate, Google+ and even on Facebook. Like Shawn, TheVigilantRaptor is also autistic.


Shawn first met NathanDesignerBoy7 when he requested him to make a grounding video out of Warren Cook getting sent to Tanzania before escaping from it. Both begun sharing ideas and NathanDesignerBoy7 also promoted him as one of the main characters to ground Warren Cook. 


Shawn has developed a sense of hatred against SuperMarioZaki as the latter disrespected opininons while discussing with NathanDesignerBoy7 on the grounding videos out of Warren Cook. The matter worsens when SuperMarioZaki threatened to 'ground' Shawn if SuperMarioZaki's ideas are turned down by NathanDesignerBoy7. Shawn and SuperMarioZaki have come to bad terms, with the former nicknaming the latter "SuperMarioF**got". Nowdays, They became friends and Zaki shares his videos. But somehow, Shawn gets tired of it and blocks him.

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