Skyward Village is a small village that is found far away from GoAnimate city ruled by Queen Ester and King Wind.


Skyward Village have only 2,000 population and the races of skywardians ratios was 100% elves, 60% elves mix with other species, they were only born on lunar month. they were 80% comedy world and 75% Lil peepz. female comedy skywardians is not allowed to fall in love with male skywardian peepz which is Forbidden. only male comedy skywardians is allowed to fall in love with female skywardian Peepz. Sometimes, Male Business-Friendly or Anime skywardians fall in love in female Skywardian Peepz. However, it is rare for skywardians villagers fall in love with their own gender here's a example about female comedy skywardians falling in love with male skwardian peepz: a female skywardian got executed for falling in love with a her lil peepz lover. and her grave can be found at the grave sites. Teenagers and Children wear earrings around their ears just like Young Adults and adults, or elders do.

Skin Colors

Skywardians have light skin color and pale skin color . some of them have medium and dark skin color but it is rare that they having unusual skin colors. only residents who have reddish skin was Artemis and her family


There was aggressive creatures include Minotaurs, orcs, goblins, hydras, or etc.


Only villagers who are mixed with the trolls was Artemis and her family.

Hair Colors

Skywardians have different hair colors such as blonde, brunette, black, red, white, green, blue, other colors. some of them have unusual hair color.

Punishments for execution

Execution Methods is used such as burning, hanging, beheading, stoning, or etc.

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