This is a video being made by Sophie The Otter and Officer Squidward.


Officer Squidward - Steven

Sophie The Otter - Kayla


[Scene cuts to: Sophie's houseboat]

[Scene cuts to: Sophie's room]

[We hear a ring and Sophie answers the phone]

Officer Squidward: "Hello, Sophie."

Officer Squidward: "Come to the docks on Lake Hoohaw, we are going to Springfield World."

Sophie The Otter: "OK. Let's get our things up!"

[Mike Toreno takes away Officer Squidward's phone]

Mike Toreno: "Now get your a** over here. Me and your friends are waiting for you."

Sophie The Otter: "COME ON, I HAVE TO PACK."

Mike Toreno: "Bye. Now get your things on bag and get your a** over here."

[Mike Toreno ends the call]

Sophie The Otter: "I need my family!"

[Sophie The Otter goes to her parents' room]

Sophie The Otter: "Mom and dad, could you come with me? We are going to Springfield World!"

Aunt Nanner: "Yes, let's go. Our dad is also going."

Redolfo: "I know right?"

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