This video is made by CodPlayerRussia

Cast (Admins can add many characters but non can add 4 as usall)

kayla as Sophie the otter

Microsoft Mike as Green Productions Solider 1

AT&T Mike as SAS Solider 9

Eric as Taylor's husband 

Salli as Taylor 

Young guy as SAS Solider 1 

Transcript (Only admins can edit this!!!)

SAS gets a note from Daten,Unkown 

                                                             Dear,SAS and the General after Doraland fall Green City's army is invading GoCity and bombing vessals of the SAS around the Indian,Pacific,Southern,Alaskin and Austrailian Oceans we need your assistance to fight the Green City Federation and kill the leader and kick down their flag and replace it with your United Kingdom flag this will not be a easy battle.

                                                                                        From Daten Millitary

SAS Solider 1:"Sir we need all assistance!"

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