Sophie and PB&J vs. their genderbent counterparts is a GoAnimate video by PB&Jotterisnumber1.


As the title of the video suggests, Sophie and PB&J encounter their genderbent versions named Samuel, Peach, Baby Bubbles, and Jet Otter, who happen to be bullies. After being picked on too much, they try and find a way to tell the 4 bullies to stop without physical aggression.


[We zoom into the other side of Lake Hoohaw, and we see Sophie walking with her cousins PB&J]

Sophie: "Ahhh, my cousins. It's a nice day out."

[They see a red version of PB&J's houseboat]

Baby Butter: "Wook!" (Translation: "Look!")

Peanut: "There's a red houseboat!"

Jelly: "Let's find out about it!"

[They run to the red houseboat]

???: Hey, Peepee, J*zz, B****d and S***head!

Sophie: "Huh?"

[An orange otter resmebling Sophie, but with shorter black hair, red shoes, no glasses, and shorter hair appears]

Samuel: "I'm Samuel!"

Sophie: "You must be my genderbent counterpart!"

Samuel: Go f**k yourself, b**tch. Sophie? More like SH*TTY!

Peanut: "Hey! You don't swear at our older cousin like that!"

Jelly: "Yeah! You should be more careful with your language choice next time!"

Samuel: "Who cares?! I'm gonna bring my little cousins over to teach you idiots a lesson!"

[2 minutes later]

Samuel: These are my cousins Peach, Bubbles and Jet!

Samuel, Peach, Bubbles and Jet: YOU ARE ALL MOTHERF**ING RET*RDS!

Sophie: That's it! We are putting ducktape on your mouth!


Sophie: We're gonna do it anyway!

[Sophie puts ducktape on Samuel's mouth}

Samuel: [in Kidaroo voice quietly] Oh my f**king god!

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