• Spyro-Cheong Version Comedy world 2.0

    He's now 2.0

    Icon 1

    He Look Dragon

    But Was User Good His Look Nice. But Was Happen he say
    Spyro-Cheong Version GoAnimate4Schools v3

    Version Comedy World He Look Like Anthro

    "Just do it, m8" But Was He Making Video Out Grounded of Bad users And UTTP, He
    My Version New Spyro-Cheong

    New His Version

    Love WAN And FaZe, He Teenager, Finally its Good People., he Good Dream He Never Nightmare!, ****. He A Jennifer's Voice Say ONLY "kk" But He Making Randomness Goanimate, He Just Trolled, he still have windows 8
  • Date of Birth: December 31, 1999                                                       
  • Age: 17 Years Old
  • Country: South-Korea
  • Species: Dragon
  • Emoticons: Korean, Japanese
  • Color Eyes: Purple
  • Clan: Xsp△rd
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Member: FaZe Clan, Grove Street Families, WAN, Xsp△rd (His Clan)
  • Also known as: Spyro-Cheong, Spyro, Spy, Pyro
  • Cheat Non-Trouble Has Good: God, Money 1000000$, Repire Car (On Skip),
  • Voice: David, Eric (Spyro-Cheong tlt gnoehC-orypS), Jennifer (gnoehC-orypS), Elijah wood (, (His Voice Very Super Extremely Angry) Scary Voice And Kidaroo
  • Power: Fire, Electricity, Ice, Earth, Convexity, Dragon Time, Elemental Fury, Melee Combat, Aerial Combat, Horn Dive, TailStrike, Flight, Darkness, Decay, Booth Extremely Speedest, Extremely Loudest, Earthquake, One Hit, Speedest Car, Tsunami, Mega Tsunami
  • Favorite Power: Fire, Electricity
  • Favorite Game: Counter Stirke Series, Half-life Series, ROBLOX, Spyro Series, SCP-087, Minecraft, Sonic.exe The Game, SCP: Containment Breach, Left 4 Dead Series, The Legend Of Spyro Series, Sonic Generations, FNAF, Grand Theft Auto V, Black Mesa (Early Access)
  • Favorite Weapons: Crowbar, XM1014, AK47, HK416, Spas-12, Gravity Gun, Portal Gun, Willmote (On Garry's Mod), Nuclear (On Garry's Mod), And More
  • Favorite Foods: French fries
  • Favorite Fruits:  Dragon Fruit, Banana, Rambutan, Durian
  • Favorite Vagetables: Carrot
  • Favorite Movie: Titanic (1997), Tidal wave (2009), Paranormal Activity Series, Final Destination Series, Frozen, Aftermath Series
  • Favorite Show: Life After People, Sonic Boom
  • Favorite: Steam, Facebook, Youtube, Windows 8
  • Favorite Characters: Toy Bonnies, UolliaC, Spyro, Cynder
  • Favorite Music: iNSaNiTY (By CircusP), Blank (By Disfigure), Forbidden Voices (By Martin Garrix)
  • Favorite Channel: Sponge Dragon, FaZe Clan, Brad Lewis WAN, awesomedude AUTTP EDCP VGCP
  • Friends On ROBLOX: Builderman, loverforcuteboys101, CravenBluePowder1919, emrate, 12jerome12, scaler11121, sb101010, 9naeema59, Batmans2014suit, jcrain2000, spyrothedrangon, Mizzdalli11, MidNightXxXx, se986, Connorminecraft07, Doggygirl256, Mikos34, dantedwards1234, mariana1002, asharmasood, flyinpiggles3, Diegope95, Mikos34,
  • Best Friends On ROBLOX: loverforcuteboys101, CravenBluePowder1919, emrate, 12jerome12, scaler11121, sb101010, 9naeema59, Batmans2014suit, jcrain2000, spyrothedrangon, Mizzdalli11, MidNightXxXx, se986, Connorminecraft07
  • Friends: Sonic, Naruto, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Sliver, Tails, Yacker, Oggy, Steve, Spongebob, Skye The Dragon, Sponge Dragon, Red (Form Angry Birds), Anit-DarkKirby 8976, Pinkiepiefan3
  • Enemies: Spyro-Cheong.exe, Mikos34 (something), Bad-users, Troublemakers, Dr.Eggman, Dr.Robotnik, Noob, Newbie, UTTP, Caillourocks2 (ROBLOX), Daillourocks2 (ROBLOX) FaZeSpyroCheongPoopy, SpyroCheongSucks, FaZeSpyroCheongHater, Anti-FaZeSpyroCheong, DarkKirby 8976, SpyroCheongIspoopy UTTP
  • Like: Skylanders, Spyro, Steve, Cute, Gumball, Ignitus, Helping Peoples, Pro, Pingu's Parents, Boris, Doris, Rosie, Non-Baby Show, Annoying Orange, Good-users, Hero, MLG, Toy Bonnie, Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, Toy Chica, Toy Freddy, Springtrap, FaZe-Spyro-Cheong Lover, FaZe Spyro-Cheong Rocks, Red (Form Angry Birds), Flock Team (Form Angry Birds), Windows 10, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, America, Indonesia, Singapore, Anit-DarkKirby 8976, FaZe Clan, WAN. AUTTP, Windows 8, Half-life 1, Half-life 2, Half-life: Source
  • Dislike: Noob, Sonic.exe, Herobrine, Guest (ROBLOX), Fake VHS Openings, Ghosts, Enderman, Zombie, Creeper, UTTP, Bad-users, Illuminati, Caillourocks2 (ROBLOX), Daillourocks2 (ROBLOX), FaZeSpyroCheongPoopy, 3.0 (Package Form ROBLOX), Lag, Bad Piggies Team, DarkKirby 8976, Grounded Videos of him, Youtube Wars, Fetish Videos

Spyro-Cheong's Worst Of Characters

  • Daillou



    Paillou Look Like Purple Guy



    Caillou amiibo

    Caillou UTTP




Spyro-Cheong's Best Of Character


Toy Bonnies

UolliaC amiibo

uolliac #1

UolliaC 6

uolliac #2

UolliaC 5

uolliac 3#

UolliaC 3

uolliac #5

UolliaC 2

uolliac #6

UolliaC 1


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