Squid Comedy World

Squid in Comedy World Form.

Zombie Comedy World

Zombie in Comedy World Form

Squid and Zombie are a duo of Troublemaking Minecraft mobs but it's a strange thing that Zombie is a hostile mob and squid is a peaceful mob but the reason that squid is hated is because SkyDoesMinecraft hates him and almost everybody agreed with him! but there is a user who likes squids called iBallisticSquid who also has good gaming videos but wer'e not sure if Squid is going to become okay and not attack goanimate......  Skeleton and Zombie Pigman are also a troublemaking team.  You can read about by clicking Skeleton and Zombie Pigman


Date of Birth: ????

Age: ????

Voice: Scary Voice

Gender: Male


That's how Zombie actually appears

Species: Zombie


Date of Birth: November 1st, 1984

Age: 29

Voice: Dallas

Gender: Male

Species: Squid