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AntiTrollers2 is a famous GoAnimate and YouTube user who created the CaptainBusiness67 and Tobias gets grounded series. It is confirmed that he had his first YouTube account on February 24th of the year 2012. He was also famous for him being the only GoAnimate user that publishes GoAnimate videos off GoAnimate4schools.

He has got circa 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, but he only has got 100,000 views, which turns out to be popular than Taylor JoliCoeur. (While she has 10,000 views, AntiTrollers2 having 10 more views than her).

Likes: UnitedAirlinesComedian1998 (also known as BaxterYes MemyNo or JohnThe GoAnimate Dude), Andrew, Adrianna, LW97, Joshua Wilson, United Airlines, trains, etc.

Dislikes: People who make videos of Andrew and Adrianna getting grounded, Daniel Osborne, people who make fun of people who have got autism, trolls, haters, UTTP officers.

He is also member of the Josh Army community created by SnakeSpiderScorpionFTW AllHailMetalNo, as you may know him from all GoAnimate videos he has watched. He is a member of this community, being the manager of it, proclaimed by the leader.

  • When the sun rises like a blood, we guess there will be an unexplained warmongering situation

A quote written by StephenTheGoAnimateChristian, which explains about the outragoeus war between good users and bad users on the GoAnimate media.

As you may clearly see, he was born in Romania, being a famous user for living in Romania. He also got friends in his homecountry, too.