Me On Goanimate

Alternative names

SuperSmashBrosBrawl Comedian 1994, LloydYes ChenNo, SuperMarioGlitchy4Yes StarButterflyNo, YoshiYes LucasNo, TaiChiChasersRules MonstersIncSucks (8/29/17-10/1/17 Retirement), LazyTown Fanatic 2018, ZaneFTW OverLordFTL, SuperMarioFaggot (Shawn Brunner)

Joined GoAnimate

9 February 2014

Voiced by

TSS Voice Young Guy, TTS Voice Steven (When unable to find Young Guy), TTS Voice Daniel (When too lazy to do Young Guy), TTS Voice Alan (angry voice), TSS Voice Eric (dream voice) (enraged voice)


DavidLopez1113, Shawn Brunner, NathanDesignerBoy7, Alex Kimble, Skyler Hawkins (Until November 15 2014 but became friends again at June 26 2015), CECOfficial, Microsoft Sam, CT Cool, Wario Time! (Google+), Tai Chi Chasers, Ninja from Ninjago, Teen Titans


GrandChase RealCook, Daniel Osborne, Nick Bryant, sircreeper, Mike and Sulley, ryuzaky10 (Twitter), Balint Handra Sz


Video Games, Computer, Making Barney Errors


Getting grounded, getting blocked, GrandChase RealCook, Daniel Osborne, Nick Bryant, sircreeper, Mike and Sulley, ryuzaky10, Ash-Zilla, Weegee, Dr. Octogonapus, Balint Handra Sz




Julie Nguyen

Me on Goanimate (Business Friendly)

Business Friendly Form

SuperMarioZaki Is a YouTube/GoAnimate user that likes to make Plush Videos 



David Is Zaki's school friend since 6th grade


Zaki first met NathanDesignerBoy7 when he requested him to make a grounding video out of Warren Cook turning Ms. Shaw into General Mishka and getting grounded for Triple Reality. Both begun sharing.

Skyler Hawkins

He sometimes fight with Skyler in November 2014. Then after June 2015, they became friends. Alot of people still thinks he hates Skyler even though their friends.


Zaki was serching up Barney Errors, then finds one with Howie Mandel in it. Then he subscribes to CECOfficial. He gets inspired to do Lord Garmadon Error 5.

Shawn Brunner

Zaki has developed a sense of hatred against Shawn Brunner as the latter disrespected opininons while discussing with NathanDesignerBoy7 on the grounding videos out of Warren Cook. The matter worsens when SuperMarioZaki threatened to 'ground' Shawn if SuperMarioZaki's ideas are turned down by NathanDesignerBoy7. Shawn and SuperMarioZaki have come to bad terms, with the former nicknaming the latter "SuperMarioF**got" and "B**ch Brunner". Nowdays, They became friends and Zaki shares his videos.


  • He is the only GoAnimate User that doesn't put Caillou and Dora in his videos
  • He is the only GoAnimate User that also do plush videos like how SuperMarioLogan does
  • He gets inspired easily
  • He was a Skyler Hawkins hater in November 15, 2014 then stopped in June 26, 2015
  • He never changes his look

Profile Pictures

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