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Himself in GoAnimate form.

Daren James Stratton (also known as The Ultimate Darenster or TUDSTERCartoons, born 27 April 1989 in the UK, his username is also his real name) is a British animator and podcaster who uses GoAnimate.

He is also a member of Taylor Team Family and has there a wife named Katy (her voice is Tween-Girl). He is a kind guy.

In the ideal realm of TUDSTERCartoons World, he is married to Sarah (voiced by Emma), and has four kids:

  1. Lizzie (Voiced by Amy)
  2. Roscoe (Voiced by David until March 2016, Eric after this time)
  3. Romana (Voiced by Catherine)
  4. Mark (Voiced by Lawrence until 2015, Paul after this time)

Voice: Brian

Age: 27